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 A classic scanner and a successor of the StarTrack. A DMX controlled device combining great capabilities, ease of use and very democratic price. Due to inexpensive 24Vx250W lamp it is a great finding for the small halls not requiring a parching light of 1200W lamps. Occupies 7 channels in a row from the first 255 DMX channels. Comparing to the predecessor the StarTrack SE has got significantly improved reliability, brightness and strobe-mode. It has two working modes: DMX-controlled by external control unit and independent activation by internal microphone with a possibility of synchronized or mirrored work of the devices group.





 A drastically improved successor of the Colorific. A device serving as a base of the decor allowing to create a unique picture matching the certain moment and change it in accordance to the scenario. A low power consumption lamp allows to use multiple devices at the same time. At DMX space it occupies 3 channels in a row from the first 255 channels. A device is equipped with the own noise reduction system, 9 crystal dichroic colors + white (32000K), fully electronic dimming with lamp heating mode and rainbow effect with variable speed. There are two modifications available: 12 and 28 degrees of beams spread. When there is no DMX control unit it is possible to enable a sound master mode making COLORIFIC SE ruled by the music rhythm.




 Quazer by DLL is a revolutionary combination of the honored disco-device QuadroSpace and a robotic 3D platform controlled over DMX. QuadroSpace is famous for its stunning brightness and dynamic color beams spin; a DMX 3D platform rotates it for 360 degrees horizontally and 250 degrees vertically with total control over DMX. It enables to use Quazer as a central device at disco hall, or as a stage MotorHead, or any place requiring a great, bright and controlled device. Quazers are controlled by any standard DMX control unit. At group of synchronized devices could be stared for hours just as at the fire.




  A very easy to use, inexpensive and handy software emulator of DMX control unit for Windows computers. Generates a standard DMX signal with the help of USB adaptor. Programming process includes creation of scenes Ц static position of light beams. Scenes are combined into the chases Ц dynamic series of the scenes. And chases are grouped into the songs Ц logically complete light compositions. CompuLight v2.2 could be used in a different ways: automatic control with the predefined templates or manual control of the DMX enabled devices. Having created a show only once you will be always available to repeat it as many times as needed. Hotkeys could be programmed for any function and could be invoked even during the playback of the show.


Mini Lighter 256


 Mini control unit for DMX enabled devices. Enables to create controlling sequences for the devices of StarTrack, Colorific series or any other DMX 512 enabled devices. Allows to program up to 256 chases containing up to 32 scenes selected from 512 (or 256 depending on work mode) scenes stored at a non-volatile storage device. Control unit can synchronize data in both directions to Windows PC enabling possibility to create own libraries of shows.



Strobe 1500


  Basically, it is a tamed lightning being controlled over the DMX512 protocol. Once it receives a command from external control unit or master device it flashes with all the power of 1500kW. The length of flash varies from 0.01 to 9 msecs. Occupies 2 channels in a row from the first 255 channels. Flexible configuration, soft adjustment of flashesТ power and frequency, possibility of independent or synchronized work, middle priced XOR 15 lamp results to simple and handy use of Strobe 1500.





 It is a powerful professional 2 lamped strobe intended for creation of spectacular light effects. It can not only flash with the predefined frequency, but also imitate a lightning strike or soft brightness regulation and many other things. It is controlled over the DMX512 protocol from an external control unit or console over the three-pinned XLR connectors. Special technological methods and complicated algorithms making it possible to significantly reduce load to power network. A level up comparing to Martin Atomix. The total quantity of modes is 11. Built-in macros extend art capabilities infinitely and amazing light power draws a line.



DMX Splitter DS-104


  An indispensable device for the professional installations. Intended for keeping, amplification, branching, complete interconnection, and safety of DMX512 lines. A device enables to branch a single incoming DMX line into four separate and mutually independent channels. It makes it possible to protect DMX lines of failures and induced issues. A devices is enabled with the DMX-transit additional connector. A rigid metal case enables to mount device at any suitable place. 19Ф rack mounts are supplied as a part of the kit. Power supply is monophase 220V AC. Device is equipped with three-pinned XLR connectors and has a LED indicator system both for incoming and outcoming DMX lines.


Pro Line

Star TRACK SE COLORIFIC SE QUAZER CompuLight Mini Lighter 256 Strobe 1500 PULSAR 5000 DMX SPLITTER DS-104    

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