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     Recent news of the last time:
The line of power distribution devices (power distributor) has significantly expanded. From freestanding or free-standing devices to devices intended for installation in REC 19 '. Now we can design and make for you a unique, convenient power distributor for you. Many have already appreciated this opportunity. Each device can be tested for electrical and fire safety, and you can get your hands on a state test report. But this, of course, for some money. The powerful PULSAR 5000 stroboscope is now available with the new firmware version 1.2. It fixed minor errors that led to slowdowns at certain points, and slightly expanded the range of the BLINDER mode. Let me remind you that this device has wider possibilities and brightness than the famous Atomix from Martin, and what is interesting is a lower price. For those who have problems with long or branched DMX networks, there is now a serious companion, the DS-104 DMX Splitter. Its outputs are completely opto-isolated from the input and from each other, which allows you to build and safely operate a DMX network with a much more complex topology than without it. Those who need to control multiple LEDs should look at the new DMX LED controller. Its built-in power supply, and 12 output channels of 2.5 amperes controlled by DMX512, allow you to connect a huge number of LED strips and individual emitters, and get the most diverse and beautiful effects in design.
    The LED version of the popular QuadroSpace is now available. The LED is practically not inferior to its older brother in brightness, but it has slightly more pronounced colors, and is practically silent. As before, to control all DMX-512 controlled fixtures, we offer CompuLight version 2.2. Moreover, you can work with her with all sorts of amenities and amenities.

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