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     So, a little about DLL. For advanced and meticulous people, DLL is an abbreviation - "Dynamic Light Laboratory", which means: "dynamic light laboratory". That is, light as a means of colorful design. Few people work under the flag with these letters, but these people firmly know what they want, who and why needs what they are doing. Each technical solution is thoroughly tested in battle at discos, concerts and exhibitions, with our partners and just customers who call, write, expressing their delight, sometimes not very delight, or very rarely not at all delight. And only as the reliability and feasibility of each unit is confirmed, it takes root in serial samples, and unsuccessful solutions and units are mercilessly replaced with more perfect and successful ones.
    ALL devices from DLL have passed state certification and have the Ukrainian certificate of conformity, which is one of the most stringent in Europe. This is not to say that DLL fixtures are VERY cheap, but good things can't be VERY cheap. In these words, the experience of our customers, who were not too lazy to give their opinion about different, not only ours, devices.
    Particularly valuable is the completely unique experience of clients of various institutions who wrote us their opinions (for which a special thank you to them, I endlessly respect people who know how and where they want to relax and, most importantly, do something for this), as well as the engineers and operators of the company, allows us to have that point of view.

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